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Making Bowleys Quarters a great place to live.
Membership Information:                           bqca_p3

The 2009 membership drive is on!  Help us, help yourself and help the community!
We will keep you informed of current issues.  We will be your voice to local government.

Two memberships are available:
Annual Homeowner/Resident- entitles you to participate in all activities and vote on all matters.
Dues are $15 annually.

Friends  (affiliate) Membership - entitles you to participate in most events and vote on some matters.
Dues are free.  Voluntary donations are welcome.

Please provide the following information:

MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Homeowner/resident ___________$15 Annually
                                     Friend of BQ __________(free)

Please consider a donation       __________ (become a member of the $100 Dollar Club!)


MAILING ADDRESS:____________________________________

CITY__________________  STATE_______  ZIP______

E-mail:________________________________ - important for updates and newsletters.
           Note: We will not share this email outside of BQCA.

TELEPHONE: Home_________________
                        Work/Cell _____________

Property address if different from above:_________________________

Please make checks payable to:  Bowleys Quarters Community Association

Please send your membership information and check or money order to:
PO Box 484
Chase, MD 21027
Note: You may also pay by cash.  The easiest way to do this is at a General Meeting.
  Please fill out an application and give it to an officer or board member.


Who Is Eligible: If you must drive on Carroll Island Road or Bowleys Quarters Road to get to your house, and you own a home in Bowleys Quarters, or you have been a resident for at least 1 year, then you and your family are eligible for Homeowner/resident membership.  All other are welcome to join and participate as Friends of Bowleys Quarters.

                                                      Join NOW!


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